4 channel h264 embedded linux root password for telnet

I have 4 channel h264 dvr with embedded linux distributed by ENSTER (www.enster.com). I wanted to get access to embedded linux and after some work I found that default password for user root is 123456. After issuing this you will get access to root shell.

Further identification of this DVR from external network:
MAC address: 00:18:F5:XX:XX:XX
nmap -Pn:
23/tcp open telnet
80/tcp open http
100/tcp open newacct
9000/tcp open cslistener
49152/tcp open unknown
MAC Address: 00:18:F5:XX:XX:XX (Shenzhen Streaming Video Technology Company Limited)

My plan is to:

  • check whether update is available for this box.
  • install update with samba

Feel free to contact me if you have the same box.

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